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Owners: Fred and Celia Minix

About Naples Home Inspectors, Inc.

Meet the Founders

After nineteen years in the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington DC, Fred and Celia Minix fell in love with southwest Florida, and Naples in particular, while visiting the area on their 25th anniversary. As has been the case with many other visitors to the area, it was not long before they purchased a house in the Park Shore community in the city of Naples.  Having a background in both mechanical engineering and construction and being close friends with and mentored by a leading home inspection professional in northern Virginia, their purpose was to establish a thoroughly professional home inspection services company; a company that would incorporate the highest standards of integrity and technical expertise while providing the best possible customer service to their clients. And so was born Naples Home Inspectors, Inc., Naples' premier home inspection services company.

The local ABC and NBC affiliates have broadcast interviews with Fred, calling upon his expertise with mold detection, hurricane resistant construction techniques, etc. Fred has been called upon to teach realtors about mold testing/remediation and its impact on real estate transactions.

Fred and Celia are active in their community. They are active members of their church. Fred has served on the board of the Point West Homeowners Association and is a past president of the association. Together they have served as block captains for the Park Shore Association.

Our Distinctives

Character - Unfortunately a relatively large number of unscrupulous characters have been attracted to our tropical paradise. Viewing the elderly and out-of-state homebuyers as easy prey,  their numbers seem to increase daily. This trend has impacted many businesses, especially those involved in construction and real estate.  In contrast, we are committed to upholding the highest professional and ethical standards. We have been accredited by the West Florida Better Business Bureau since September, 2004 and we encourage you to visit their website and read our BBB Reliability Report.

Certification/Licensing - All our inspectors meet the applicable federal, state, and local requirements for home inspection, mold testing, and radon testing. All our inspections are guaranteed to meet the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), and the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Experience - Naples Home Inspectors, Inc. has been a registered Florida corporation since September, 2003.  (We encourage you to visit the State of Florida's Division of Corporations website for a history of our corporate filings.) During that time we have conducted well over 4,000 inspections in the Naples area.

No Conflict of Interest - We are diligent to avoid any conflict of interest. We do not pay realtors any referral fees or in any other way "buy" their good will. We do not accept any referral fees from any contractors.  When you choose us for your inspection needs you can rest assured that we are working for you and no one else.

Home Inspection is All that we Do - Having discovered defects during our inspections, we do not  then offer to correct them for an additional fee. Home inspection is all that we do. We are not contractors, mold remediators, radon mitigators, or handymen using the home inspection end of our business to generate leads for our other endeavors.

Work Ethic - A detailed and thorough inspection involves a good amount of effort and a conscientious attention to detail. Even the smallest condo inspection cannot be hurried and completed in less than two hours.  We will enter and examine your attic, even when it is hot. If at all possible, we will closely examine your roof by actually walking on it. We will take the time and put forth the effort to provide you with the best possible inspection. As a result, we never schedule no more than two inspections per day per two man team.

No Sales Pitches - We offer a complete spectrum of inspection services including mold and radon testing.  However, we will never attempt to sell you an inspection or environmental test that you do not need. For example, all our standard inspections include a visual screening for mold growth within the residence. If we find mold growth we will not attempt to sell you a mold test. There is no need to test for what is obviously visible.

Clear Communication -  Each inspection report is custom written in a narrative form with easy to understand English. We do not use generic checklists.  Your house is unique. The inspection report will be unique as well, having been custom tailored to its individual features. The wording in the report will be supplemented with color digital photos.

We also write our reports with your real estate contract in mind. The most widely used contracts in Naples specifically mention the kinds of defects that are covered or are not covered under the terms of the contract. Our reports take this fact into account and place any defects covered by your contract in an easily identifiable category.

Service after the Inspection - If you choose us for your inspection needs you will receive unlimited technical support. This includes two things. First, if you have any questions about the report, we will gladly answer them. Second, as long as you own your home telephone technical support from us is free. For example, if you have any questions about how to prepare your house for your extended absence or if you become involved in a do-it-yourself project and need some technical advice, please feel free to call us.

A Word About Home Inspector Associations

Some inspectors would have you choose them simply because they are members of one professional inspector association or another. Although I have been affiliated with the American Society of Home Inspectors, ASHI, and am currently affiliated with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, InterNACHI, I am convinced that membership in these organizations is no guarantee that an inspector is worth his salt. Please keep in mind that the primary membership base of such organizations is home inspectors, not home buyers. These organizations exist largely to promote the best interests of their members, one of which is to convince you to hire only members of their organization.

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